When a man meets Himself

Thought is the “executioner” of our lives, which feeds on insecurities, doubts, the do and don’ts and feelings. It judges and condemns us in life imprisonment: panic, anxiety and passions …

The thought we use is based on the past (collective memory), the experience (personal memory) and the knowledge of others. It is not ours, it does not belong to the present, so it is not – it cannot be – creative!

Albert Einstein said the famous quote: “I would like to know how God thinks. The rest is detail. ”

George Paschalidis answers this question, by interpreting the call, His divine information to all of us: “Know Yourself” and “Be fruitful”!

“So God thinks, revealing to us the purpose of our creation. He shows us His call, the way that leads to His open arms and invites us to walk a particular inner path to meet Him.”

  • We need to walk on this path because the matter is dense and heavy and God lives in it only through us.
  • We need to know how our body is operating first, to be able to unite it with all our senses, so that we can then bring soul and body into harmony.

The mind’s work is intensively difficult.

It consists a feat to bind the matter with the body.

God appointed us Gaia’s caretakers, to enjoy the earthly paradise with logic, endowing us with the ability to realize our will in a state of freedom; He created us “in His image”.

Only when we are in this situation we do we actually realize and comprehend what is good. We want and need only what is good and seek for it. We live and enjoy, the purest and sheerest feeling, which is love, the chemical effect caused by the natural senses in our body. Otherwise, this direct connection with Him is lost and fear arises and overwhelms us.

Who among us lives in God? Who among us does not live within the fear that causes panic, anxiety and obsession?

No one!

Take the opportunity … to meet yourself! Bitterness, anger and unpleasant feelings create a stressful and acidic environment in our body. Learn to love, to forgive, to relax, and to enjoy life.

All diseases are psychogenic.

The active and positive attitude of the human body, based on pure thought will even help the cancer patient to overcome it and survive.

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