Terms of Use

The present document constitutes the terms of use (henceforth «Terms of Use») of the site www.gpaschalidis.gr   (henceforth «Site»), which is composed of George Paschalidis (henceforth «Administrator»), in due to presenting his own discovery of Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis (henceforth «Model»).

The use of Site is subject to these Terms of Use and the visitor/user of the Site accepts, without doubt, the Terms of Use which apply to the whole content of the Site, graphics, images, photographs and to any file and application which included in the Site.

All information included on this Site and give information to users exclusively and solely for the purposes of informing of Model.

The duplication of content of Site, for any purpose, is allowed only after the Administrator written approval. The graphics and images appearing on the Site are protected by writing and intellectual property rights (copyright) and are not allowed to be duplicated in no way the Administrator has written approval.

The Administrator has the right to unilaterally amend the Terms of Use at his own discretion and without notification. In this case, the access or use of the Site signifies that the User accepts the amended Terms of Use without a doubt.

The site may contain hyperlinks to other web pages, which control their own content and are responsible for the security, legality and validity of their sites and its content.   

The Administrator has the right to refuse access or use of the Site without any justification for this refusal or termination.

The whole content of the Site (for example marks, distinctive features, photographs, text, announcements and generally all the posted documents) apart from specific third party rights, constitute intellectual and industrial property of the Administrator and is protected by Greek, European and international legislation, apart from especially exceptions. This content cannot be traded, duplicated, altered, communicated or allocated in any way by anyone, completely or in part, without the written approval of the Administrator.

The Administrator does not commit, guarantee and is not responsible for the use of the Site by visitors /users and for the completeness and/or security of the content of this Site. Therefore, visitors /users accept that they should evaluate the content and are exclusively responsible for the use of the Site, including their estimation to base any decision on the accuracy, completeness or /and validity of the content of the Site.

The Administrator does not guarantee that the Site or hyperlinks, as well as the respective servers, are free of viruses or malicious software and is exempted from such a responsibility. 

The Administrator takes all reasonable effort to ensure the maintenance and availability of the Site to users/visitors. Visitors know that the availability of websites may be altered due to their equipment or other networks, network connections services, network traffic or congestion etc. Therefore, the visitors/users agree that the Administrator is not responsible for any failure or malfunction of the Site.

The visitors/users accept and agree that they use the Site for legal purposes. The visitors /users, indicatively and not restrictively, agree that:

They will not act against the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Manager or/and any third party,

They will not establish, promote or /and communicate in any way via the Site digital viruses or /and any other harmful and destructively records or /and programs which aims to devastate or compress the function of any software or telecommunications hardware or close www.gpaschalidis.gr down,

They will not intercede or pose in danger to  the security, or cause harmful effects in any way to the Site, to its file, to its source code, to a server or/and connection net  and/or  accessible via Site or other websites which connect them,

They will not damage Administrator’s fame or /and third party, in no way,

They will not act against Administrator’s right or personality, or/and third party, in no way,

They will not publish or broadcast any, false, deceptive, defamatory, coarse, corrupted or blasphemer, material against the Manager or/and third party,

They will inform the Administrator of any illegal or prohibited use of this Site, at once.

The use of any data of the content of this Site without the written approval of the Administrator is prohibited.

The whole content of the website www.georgepaschalidis.gr constitutes intellectual and industrial property of the Administrator and is protected by Greek, European and international legislation or/ and other legislation.

Administrator reserves his intellectual and industrial property rights in any and all data of the content of www.gpaschalidis.gr.

The Administrator respects and ensures the industrial and intellectual rights of third parties. However, if the user deems that his intellectual and industry data are violated via the Site www.gpaschalidis.gr, he can inform the Administrator via email admin@georgepaschalidis.gr and define the abusive content of the Site. 

The Administrator applies strict policy regarding the users and visitors privacy according to the data protection legislation in force. The Administrator only processes the personal data those who use the Website that is strictly necessary to fulfil the purpose of communication. He does not disclose such data to third parties unless this is required by law and/or competent authorities. The Administrator maintains user data only for as long as is required for the specific processing purpose. Users have the right to request Access, Rectification, Erasure, Restriction and Object to the processing of personal data.


For any question relative to www.georgepaschalidis.gr, or to exercise their rights visitors/users can contact with email admin@georgepaschalidis.gr

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction: Τhe present Terms of Use and any amendment are governed by Greek Law. Any and all disputes rising by the present Terms of Use shall be solved by the Courts of Athens, Greece in case an amicable resolution is not possible.

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