Love Opening Path to Life

George Paschalidis discovered the Model of the three human Types, bringing fulfillment to man, by giving him all the means – tools to restore happiness.

He has been given “by Grace” direct access to the Information and thus, he lives in Harmony.
In his projects he presents:

  • The Model of the three human Types is the discovery of the century. This Model puts human sciences on a new basis, a new frontier, fundamentally reviewing their essence.
  • The genetically defined variations of the three structures of the limbic system of the brain that define three distinct and unique Types of personality; a unique key to understanding the link between brain function and plasticity, for health enhancement.
  • The specialized area of the limbic system of the brain, different for each Type, which when over-operated in each Type, the manifestation of certain diseases arises.
  • His work for the 8th International Aerospace Congress, Naval, Extreme Conditions and Environmental Medicine of Russia, which was on the strengthening of the cell and the prevention of accelerated decay in extreme environments, in the cell’s response to stress, and the epigenetic DNA modification.

The innovative discovery of the model of the three human types connects the universe with the brain and the brain with the cell and interprets individual differences by providing solutions to mental and physical illness.

He also revealed that each Type (A, B, C) has its own source of healthy cells, which is located in a specialized area of the brain and it is different for each Type.

He brings to Medicine New Knowledge that overturns the hitherto medical evidence.

He shares the journey into space-time of free thinking and the collapse of the established Logic that occurs in his earthly dense body.

He hands us our “construction plan” and the “detailed instructions for use” of the human entity, which are the guidelines for our “well-being”.

He lives a Divine Path of Life and co-exists with all of us!

George Paschalidis, having the “Strength and Knowledge of the Visible with the Invisible, the Cause with the Result”,

  • classifies humanity as a whole in three Types, based on their morphology and brain function, their personality traits, enterotype, skeletal structure, absorption of biometals and vitamins, their predisposition and manifestation of specific disorders and diseases, depending on their skeletal construction,
  • knows and analyzes the mechanism, which is the creation of diseases and the treatment of each disease,
  • brings to light hidden and frozen emotions that just come to light, redeem the sufferer, teaching the “seers” the power of Truth.

He deeply touches Man!

He creates a Love opening path to Life, waiting for our participation to help us blossom!

We are no longer adrift of our genetic biological heritage; change!

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