Human is by his nature a social being. He is programmed to live and interact with other humans. Nowadays, he is left alone either because he stays away from others or because he does not has real and substantial relationships with them. Nowadays nobody can coexist with others and staying all alone becomes the only way. In our Era, loneliness has become one of our best “friends” but in reality it is one of our main “archenemies”. It is our archenemy because the human race and more precisely every human is built in a way that it is impossible to be developed normally without coexisting with other humans. Many researches have studied the effect of loneliness and isolation in the way that brain functions and more generally in every human’s health. One of these researches, that it was published in the scientific magazine Nature Neuroscience and the senior researcher was Dr. Karen Dietz, indicates that the isolation for a large interval of time changes the brain’s structures by decreasing the brain’s ability to change in neural level and be adapted to the changes that are taken place in its environment. According to the latter research, the brain is working like a big computer. It is an electrical system that is sending messages to the lower neural formations and the peripheral nerves. In all this procedure myelin has an important role. Myelin is a thick system of lipids that are carrying the knowledge from the main brain to the rest neural system. People, that have been isolated, had a significant decrease in the production of myelin which ended up in many clinical consequences. Some of these are: the weak immune system, the high blood pressure, the sleep disorders and the increase of cortisol which is the hormone of stress. According to the research, it is remarkable that the production of myelin becomes normal again via brain’s plasticity after a period of social integration. The latter fact denotes that the interaction with other humans is enough to reverse the existing negative consequences.

Many years of research and observation by Mr. George Paschalidis in more than 500.000 have shown that happiness comes through the harmonic coexistence with others and love. His exact words are: “Interaction, sharing, contact and communication turn on the power of soul and the mantle of misery and sadness fades away. I emphasize that our life is passing through people and our happiness is depended on them.

The interaction with best friends can change even our DNA. The interaction with not so good friends can not only change our behavior but even our DNA. Choose people that can strengthen you, give you courage and make you happy in order to coexist happily into humanity”. (G. D. Paschalidis, “New Beginning, New Life”) The research have shown that when we are happy, we are healthy because weak cells cannot live in happy people. When we are unhappy we are ill. Our Type’s extremity leads us to sadness. It is every Type’s stress that isolates him/her and leads him/her to loneliness. How can we know how much happy we are? Know yourselves and learn the people around you by using the Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model and discover the harmonic coexistence and happiness with people.

Source: G.D. Paschalidis, 2004. Love Opening, Path of Life, 2nd revised & enriched edition. Livanis, Athens.

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