Man is a rational being. In Word. In God. That is how Man was created and how Man lived as long as he acted with the first thought, the instinctive reaction to people and situations. This thought is related to the first image, the (recti)linear motion which passes, sur-passes, and moves forward, and its role is to supply the material world and connect it with the spiritual one. And, in this sense we can say that it belongs to the instincts.



In the center where man’s logical reasoning resides, a nonmaterial malignant growth was created, a spiritual malignant growth. They named this growth established thought and, strangely enough, man cherished it. Perhaps, because man created it by himself, without any help from above, and this fact gratified his vanity.

Speaking of established thought, we mean the thought that was formed through the ages of human history. We inherit this thought from our progenitors, and, subsequently, we pass it on to our offspring enriched with and filtered through our experiences. We tread on relying on this thought trying to open new paths, exactly as our progenitors did and our offspring will continue doing. This is the thought of processing, that does not allow the man to enjoy his life, and under no circumstances should we confuse it with the instinct, but we should identify it with the original sin, because of which man was banished from the paradise.

This established thought replaced the instinct and is related to the circle, the theory,which confines and encages the man, and does not allow him to put into communication the two brains.

This thought processes the image it receives, and cuts/divides it into many pieces. Subsequently, it places the pieces in jars with labels and them on the brain’s shelves.The brain, thus, does not channel the information for the maintenance and enjoyment of the body but, instead, it stores the information. The result is that the body is left behind bereft, exhausted, and worn out, lacking enzymes and elements, and ends up “rusting”. The body runs to catch up with the soul, and ends up needing leg and spine surgery, because it has “bent” from running.

Source: G. Paschalidis, “Analysis of Characters I”, Pen West Publications