Birh of the new Man

No model of thought and consequently of action can be developmental, unless it is based on the awareness of man’s position within the Creation; the Universe. This awareness must be the starting point of every thought and action.

The light, our Creator’s chisel, when combined with the water that is the primordial matrix of life, under appropriate conditions of temperature and pressure, creates all forms of life, as well as any form of organic and inorganic matter. God has appointed us his followers and assistants to the work of life on earth, and therefore he equipped us with consciousness.

We allied with entropy and allowed it to settle in our thinking, resulting in our bodies being degraded prematurely, because we closed the gates of communication with the Creator, the only conductor of vital energy.

The mammalian brain is ternary:

  • Hypophysis: heavenly, divine part of the brain, the energy receiver, the bearer of the information through the Source of Life.
  • Epiphysis: the manager of the body material, which feeds back and receives information from the pituitary gland (hypophysis) and then drives it into the body. It is the information distributor.
  • Logic: Interpolator between pituitary and pineal gland (epiphysis) that adds information to the locality (environment). Its purpose is the conjugation of the other two segments.

People’s logic differs from other mammals; they are two-speed. In addition, Man has the second speed, that of action.

In order to be able, every moment, to control with logic the entropy of our organism, our “hormonal disorder”, we must radically change the way we think, change our logic (the established logic); forgive ourselves and our debtors, to lose the ledger. We must cause “the death of the poor little merchant”, the miser of our thought, who continuously writes and fades into his miserable greasy notebook.

When we operate “within specifications”, our instincts work well, as designed by the Creator, they constitute the Knowledge of Depth. In this situation we exist when we have a low disorder that works inversely, depending on the degree of our freedom of will. The less our disorder is, the greater the degree of freedom we enjoy, and the closer we are to God, because only in His embrace can we truly be free.

Therefore, the healthy development of an embryo depends, exclusively, on the mother’s hormonal disturbance, which, while kept low, ensures the correct and complete feeding of the embryo with all the necessities for its development components.

Both parents are farmers in the same field when they sow their child, so both potential parents need to prepare themselves, work their roles as the field is being prepared before sowing, before conception. The love between the parents and the love for their coming child prepares their “nest”; their home.

The neurobiological mechanism of pleasure has the sole purpose of supporting the reproduction and upbringing of newborns, rewarding the mother with pleasure. The sense of pleasure is not limited to the human brain, where it is produced, but it applies and affects the whole body, it is a total feeling. The feeling of pleasure is the sense of participation in the Divine Creation Plan and has been given in Grace exclusively to Man, to be able to experience it consciously, actively participating in Creation.

In the trinity archetype:

  • the Male represents the Position,
  • the Female represents the Opposition and
  • the Child the Composition.

The family is the cradle of human development, as in it both children and parents develop.

In order to enjoy Co-creation, we must learn to freely give birth to children in a nest of love, and to do so, we must be reborn in these conditions. Find out how!

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