On Tuesday January 26th, a Mr. George Paschalidis was awarded a PhD in Psychology by Noosfera, the Russian Academy of Research and Education.

The decision to award Mr. Paschalidis this PhD was based on the examination of George Paschalidis’ research and publications (26 books in Greek, German, English and Polish as well as numerous seminars and presentations) that aim to improve the human quality of life and life expectancy.

On basis of all the above, Noosfera also appointed George Paschalidis into their Academic Council by declaring him: a vice-Dean for Noosfera Academy, a Dean for the Noosfera branch in Greece, a member of their Scientific Council and a member of the Higher International Examination Committee.

The Doctorate was awarded by the Rector of Noosfera, Leonid V. Novikov and by the Vice President of the Academic council of Noosfera, Yury Tarasov.

Moreover Mr. Paschalidis was appointed a member of the Board of Directors of the Russian Association of Aviation, Space, Naval, Extreme and Environmental Medicine, which was a great honor as he is the first Greek member of the Russian Airspace Academy and the first Greek to hold such a high position at this very esteemed academy.


In his speech, Mr Paschalidis said:

“Today it is a day of great celebration for me, as I honor Greece, as a Greek citizen, because with this new cooperation with the Russian scientific community we are going to constitute a dynamic team that will set the pathway to develop and spread my discovery to all the scientific fields and particularly psychology and medicine. I am looking forward to the introduction of a new Medicine that will be based in prevention and will ensure happiness and longevity to Man. The Noosfera Academy already set up a branch consisting of 27 exceptional scientists to work with the TRI-ANTHROPO-TYPE-PASCHALIDIS model. The next step of our cooperation is to establish branches of this academy worldwide to help with the spread of this model and the first branch will be founded in Thessaloniki under the auspices of UNESCO.

In return I offer the knowledge of the TRI-ANTHROPO-TYPES to Noosfera so that we collectively transfer my discovery through science to all of humanity and develop the Medical field of the future. I symbolically offer you these plates, that are carved with the name of my discovery, as a seal to our cooperation and I thank you wholeheartedly”.

The ceremony hall was flooded with people, especially friends of George Paschalidis who traveled from allover Greece to share with him this very important moment of his life. Many prominent individuals from Greek institutions (universities, public administration offices and medical centers) were also present to honor Mr. Paschalidis.

The ceremony was held under the auspices of the Pylaia- Hortiatis Municipality and it took place at their Cultural Centre.


Dr. Leonid Novikov is a member and professor of the Russian and the European Academy of Natural Sciences, a Doctor of Psychology and Economics, professor of History and Social Science and an elected member of the Council of the Representatives of the People. He was a directing counselor of the Union of Entrepreneurs of the Tomsk area and he is a member of the Board of Cossacks of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In 2003 he founded and directed the International Economical Union of Cossacks. He is a representative of the International Crime Fighting and Anti-Terrorism committee of Russia and the countries of the Independent States.

Dr. Yiuri Tarasov is a professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a Doctor in Economics and vice president of the Russian Association of Aviation, Space, Naval, Extreme and Environmental Medicine.

The main objectives of the Academy are:

  • The training of specialized engineers in the processing of natural resources to develop and apply new technologies in the Russian Federation and to create new high technology industries.
  • The organization of training activities in graduate and post-graduate education in sociology, psychology, economics, technology, engineering and humanitarian science in other specialties.
  • The high specialization of the nominees for doctorates in various fields.
  • The conducting of extensive research in the development of natural resources in Russia and abroad among which: fossil fuel, organic materials, ores and precious stones and metals. Also, the processing of farming products and the development of agriculture.
  • The creation of research laboratories and teams
  • The creation of experimental and innovative agricultural and wind energy farming.
  • The creation of an attractive environment for Russian and international scientists, teams, laboratories, institutes and academies for theoretical and applied nano-technology.
  • The development and application of a system of automated software reception, the processing and storage of data regarding the environmental effects of the “Clean City”, which will accelerate significantly the development of environmental substantiation data.
  • Research on gene roots and heredity through the creation of a genealogical record.

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