George D. Paschalidis

Professor of Psychology of the Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model at the Private Academy of Noospheric Education of Russia and Rector of the Academy branch in Greece (under establishment)
Member of the Russian Association of Aerospace, Marine, Extreme and Environmental Medicine

The harmonious and calm thought of happiness frees the brain and heals the body

Stressful thoughts of unhappy people jam the brain and sicken the body

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Instinct and “Established” thought

Man is a rational being. In Word. In God. That is how Man was created and how Man lived as long as he acted with the first thought, the instinctive reaction to people and situations. This thought is related to the first image, the (recti)linear motion which passes,...

The thought exists to…

The thought exists to create for the man’s development and evolution, and that is why it must continuously be in a spiral movement. In other words, to receive, to transport, to receive again and transport again. Man, however, as bearer of the logical reasoning,...

The present and the memories!

In the daily seminars and the weekly live-stream, George Paschalidis decodes and analyzes philosophical concepts giving the real dimension of the words, defining the words clearly, simply, and precisely. In the following excerpt he analyzes the present, the moments...

The Faith

“Let a seed of freedom enter our infertile*/stressful thought, which names everything “problem”, and we torment ourselves to solve it”  .In his daily seminars and the weekly live stream, George Paschalidis gives answers to subjects/questions that torment...

The thought, a very powerful tool!

The thought is a very powerful tool, which transports and influences the electromagnetic energy that enters our brain. It manages everything that consists of matter (everything material), intervening in it. When the thought is calm, it shapes anything material and...