In the Institute of Psychoanalysis in Moscow took place the 9th International Conference of Aerospace, Sea, Extreme and Ecological Medicine. Mr George Paschalidis presented a dissertation with title: “The Tri – Anthropo – Type Paschalidis model reveals two ways of preventing and curing illnesses: The transmission of chemical nutrients from the universe to the brain and from the brain to the cell and/or the transmission of chemical compounds from the intestine to the cell and from the cell to the brain”. In the conference, Mr Paschalidis, met again the conference’s president Mr V.D.Vlasov and the conference’s vice presidents Igor Gabbasov and Yiuri Tarasov. In the conference was given a banquet in honor of some chosen scientist and Mr George Paschalidis was one of them. They chose to honor Mr Paschalidis in order to show their gratitude to him as a Greek and researcher. During the banquet they talked about the research, precaution and cure of illnesses. The dissertation was presented in Russian by Professor Margaret. In the end of the presentation, the audience congratulated Mr Paschalidis for his research and they talk about it. Finally, many famous Universities and Research Centers ask to use the discovery of Types in order to succeed in the prevention and cure in every field of medicine.

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